Amazing beauty 4 villas - Villa Bianca, Villa Rosa, Villa Azzurra, Villa Tre Pini, located on a beautiful rock in Positano. Once they belonged to the world-famous maestro director Franco Zeffirelli, who directed Romeo and Juliet. And now these villas belong to the luxurious Villa Treville Hotel. The hotel has 16 suites and all of them are perfectly furnished, have names associated with the arts and some famous celebrities once rested in each of them. The terraces of the rooms offer breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The cuisine at Villa Treville rightfully deserves special attention, as the hotel's restaurants serve the freshest and healthiest dishes, fruits and vegetables are grown in their own gardens. Your wedding ceremony can be held in the garden with a panoramic view of the sea, and the celebration on one of the terraces.
Варіанти проведення церемоній: символічна чи офіційна.
Ціни стартують від 1430 євро за 2 години оренди місця для церемонії та залежать від кількості гостей, часу доби та дня тижня.

The exquisite old villa of Cimbrone is located in a park on an area of 6 hectares on the rocky cape of Cimbronium, which is famous for its observation deck Terrazza dell'Infinito in the town of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. The first mention of the villa dates back to the 11th century and was previously a farmhouse, which for many centuries belonged to several famous Italian families. Over time, the agricultural land took on the appearance of an exquisite park with a garden and a New Building, ennobled with beautiful paths, lawns, statues and other architectural elements. But soon the villa Cimbrone again became abandoned and only by the end of the 19th century, the villa was acquired by the famous English traveler, Earl Grimthorpe, who created there in truth "one of the best places on earth". English and Italian architects and gardeners took part in the creation of the new villa, new plants, temples, buildings, fountains and statues were added. For weddings, the villa accommodates up to 120 people for the ceremony and banquet and offers different locations for them. Accommodation - 19 rooms.

Is another exquisite historic villa in Sorrento, one of the most beautiful on the Amalfi Coast with a perfect view of Vesuvius. At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the richest people in Italy at that time, Lord Astor, bought the villa and made it an exclusive place of its kind. Everything here reminds of history and art. On the territory of the villa there is a chic Garden with fountains, columns, statues, as well as a monastery with frescoes by Roman artists. French architects and interior designers designed the villa's suites, complete with art, antique furniture and marble bathrooms. Having spent your wedding at Villa Astor, you will plunge into historical events and the world of luxury. Wedding - involves up to 100 people and is possible at different locations on the territory of the villa, and accommodation - up to 20 people.

Is located in a quiet area of Positano and has a stunning view of the entire city and its coastline. From time immemorial, the villa has been a favorite place for world artists and poets who came to rest in Positano. The villa is decorated with several terraces, as well as a garden with a jacuzzi and a panoramic pool. The terraces are suitable for wedding celebrations with 50-60 guests. And it is best to hold the ceremony on the middle terrace - where the bride can get on a beautiful staircase or directly from her suite and where in the background a view of the sea and the whole city will open. Believe me, the photos will be simply bewitching! The villa can accommodate 12 guests in 6 comfortable suites.

On the seaside, on a beautiful cliff near the town of Amalfi and overlooking the sunniest Amalfi coast, the luxury villa Santa Caterina is located. For the convenience of guests, the hotel has a panoramic elevator that will take you straight to the beach and the infinity pool. There are many activities on site, as well as a chic Spa center, bar, restaurant, gym and more. The best room for honeymooners is Suite Follia Amalfitana with panoramic sea views, jacuzzi tub and private pool. It is located in the heart of a grove with lemon and orange trees. In the room you will find a separate living room with a large terrace overlooking the sea and a balcony, and the celebration can be held either on the hotel terrace or in a spacious bright hall.

Located in the town of Ravello with an incredible view of the Amalfi Coast. The former palace of the 11th century with amazing architecture, frescoes and no less amazing territory. Beautiful gardens, terraces, olive groves can make your wedding in Belmond carusso just magical. Panoramic terraces surrounded by citrus and olive trees will be an amazing place for your celebration. The hotel has 51 rooms, and the celebration is possible for up to 100 guests.

Villa Eva is located at the highest point of Ravello, surrounded by hundred-year-old trees. With over 3,000 square meters of land, you will find many interesting locations, such as a dedicated barbecue party area or wine cellars or a bar with an outdoor pizza oven, several terraces and indoor halls, as well as an unrivaled 360 degree view of the Amalfi Coast. Celebrating your Wedding at Villa Eva can be fun and memorable for up to 100 guests.