The newlyweds turned to us just 3 months before the date of the Wedding with a little strange words: "we will have an unusual wedding." We didn't worry because every wedding is unusual for us ????
But things were really different here.)
Our newlyweds are interior designers. On certain dates 60 colleagues and friends were supposed to be in a catamaran regatta in Montenegro.
"You are my compass"
The wedding was a surprise for all the guests. This day they went to one of the most beautiful marinas in Montenegro and prepared for a white party in a marine style, as it was indicated in their program.

And they got to the real wedding party.
Everyone was in the regatta and the action was at sea, we created the concept
"You are my compass". We adhered to a light, unobtrusive marine theme in the design, and the ceremony host at the wedding was a real admiral in a beautiful admiral's uniform. The solemn finale of the ceremony was the sound of a rynda bell (a real ship's bell), which added the marine atmosphere.
The newlyweds wanted the most fun evening and so we chose a buffet option. The evening was really fun and dancing. The guests were presented compasses with a commemorative engraving about this day.
The wedding cake and fireworks looked amaizing on evening yacht marina. Surprise was a success ♥️