"Summer wedding"
The morning of the newlyweds on the house roof overlooking the whole city is one of the most beautiful locations in Kyiv. Elena is one of our most stylish brides. Just a stunning dress combined with incredible grace. And photos that you can admire forever.
Wedding party without outdoor ceremony, relaxed atmosphere. Restaurant on the water. The bright newlyweds appearance on the boat and a warm welcome by the guests.
So: July, the height of summer, a riot of colors. During this period the Summer wedding was born. A small wedding for the closest. Such weddings are called cozy weddings. At such events, everyone is well acquainted with each other, it is comfortable for guests to have fun together, and the atmosphere just rolls over in terms of emotions… fun, incendiary, funny, at the same time incredibly touching and joyful to tears. It's all about these guys and their Day❤️