The wedding day idea of Mikhail and Elena came to us thanks to the landmark newlyweds song "I will always love you". We added the initials of our couple's names and got a very beautiful wedding day name - "Always Love ME"
"Always love ME"
The wedding was in autumn and in order to enhance the autumn effect, we used a beautiful red-burgundy shade in the design, which is also the color of love♥️

Velvet burgundy invitations, the groom's suit, groom's teem bow ties , grenades with names on the guests' in each plate, burgundy flowers interspersed in the wedding arch and bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids - everything was harmoniously stretched through the whole event.
A beautiful unique burgundy leather album for wishes, velvet burgundy bags with gold embroidery, a bottle of Bordeaux as a gift to guests - such beautiful details looked advantageous in the overall concept of the event.
Our couple's favorite song, the cake - which consisted of 101 small cakes and fantastic fireworks - became the highlight of the evening♥️♥️♥️