Wedding in Croatia
Croatia - this country perfectly combines the old
architecture, rich culture and very beautiful nature.
The main advantage of this region is crystal clear
Adriatic Sea. Croatia also attracts with its
high mountains, dense coniferous forests, historical
sights, ancient cities, ancient
15th-17th century castles, secluded islands,
delicious Balkan cuisine and very hospitable and
benevolent residents.
In addition to all the advantages, excellent service,
well-developed infrastructure and excellent location
make Croatia a very attractive country for
weddings and celebrations, honeymoons and photo shoots
for guests from all over the world.
The price of our services in euros:

  • Banquet - from 60 / per 1 person (depending on the venue)
  • Buffet - from 20 / per 1 person (depending on the venue)
  • Flight – from 200/person
  • Accommodation - from 50 / room / day
  • A symbolic ceremony - from 150
  • Renting a venue for the ceremony - from 100
  • Wedding arch and ceremony decor – from 300
  • Bridal bouquet – from 80
  • Makeup and hairstyle — from 120
  • Car rental – from 40/day
  • Photographer — from 80/hour (from 3 hours)
  • Video — from 120/hour (from 4 hours)
  • Transfer - on request
  • Wedding dinner decor - on request
  • Leisure activities - on request
  • Wedding coordinator – from 150/per 1 person

Agency fees:

  • Services for the organization of the event - 15% of the budget
  • Tourist services - 10% of the budg

✓ Of course, the price depends on many factors: the season, the contractor's employment, the duration of the contractor's work, and other points. In order to get an answer quickly by making a request to the Agency for a miscalculation of your wedding, and most importantly - so that this offer matches your request - tell us an approximate budget! This will save you and our time and will create a complete understanding between you and the Agency and a mood for productive cooperation❤
Our services
  • Selection
    • Venue selection for the wedding ceremony.
    • Selection of the venue for the banquet (restaurant, beach club, villa, hotel complex, yacht).
    • Organization of catering - if necessary.
    • Help in choosing the menu.
    • Selection of accommodation for the newlyweds and guests (villa, hotel, apartments).
    • Selection of flight options (charters or regular flights), or selection of tours - accommodation + flight.
  • Ceremony
    • Planning of a wedding ceremony: symbolic or official. In the case of choosing the official registration of marriage - assistance in preparing all the necessary documents. Wedding planning.
    • Decor and floristry: wedding arch, bride's bouquet, groom's boutonniere, wedding registration area decoration, banquet decoration, wedding printing, gifts for guests and much more.
  • Photo and video
    • Photo and video shooting, video shooting with a copter, editing a wedding video. Love story.
    • Hairstyle and make-up for the bride and all guests.
  • Transport
    • Car rental for newlyweds.
    • Transfer of guests.
    • Tour buses.
  • Music
    • Host, DJ, artists of the original genre, musical group, hostess, children's animation.
    • Musicians for the wedding ceremony: saxophone, violin, guitar.
  • Entertainment
    • Wedding cake, candy bar.
    • Leisure activities: excursions; quests (ready-made or specially designed according to your desire); boat trips; tasting of wines, cheeses, prosciutto, rakia; rental of boats and yachts.
    • Other related services that we may have forgotten to mention :)
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