A very touching couple with their reverent relationships. The newlyweds got married in early August and the wedding was in Rustic style. There was a period of lavender flowering and it was decided to take this particular flower and color as the basis for the design.
"Lavanda wedding"
Rustic is a style of simplicity, ease and sincerity. That's exactly what newlyweds are. A private house with a beautiful territory, a green lawn for the ceremony and a swimming pool was chosen as the location.

Wooden houses, lanterns, glass jars and a lot of greenery - all this gave lightness, enjoyment of nature and fresh air.
It started to rain during the ceremony. Of course we had a plan B. But everybody so wanted to stay outside that all the guests simply did not react to it. As soon as the ceremony was over, the rain stopped too! A little later, when the celebration finished, all the guests agreed that the rain was the logical culmination of the holiday. Thanks to it, the lightness and ease in the characters and relationships of the newlyweds was emphasized❤️