He is Andrey, and she is Margarita, and all the action takes place on the Adriatic Sea and it is dedicated to love - the wonderful concept of AMore wedding trip was born - this is Andrey, Margarita, the sea and love - AMore wedding trip!
This trip was built on relaxation, enjoyment, fun and joy not only for the newlyweds, but also for their dear guests!
It was a honeymoon trip not for two, but for 20 people (relatives and relatives).
“АMore wedding trip"
Guests received positive emotions, surprises, gifts throughout the 4-day trip. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a glass of prosecco and followed in one of the most beautiful hotels on the Adriatic Sea with a breathtaking view. They found various gifts and cute printing in the rooms. In the evening they were expected to have a light dinner-party, the next day there was a wedding event. There were also many surprises and pleasantries for presents during these days.
After the Wedding day, on the 3rd day, the guests were expected to travel on a large catamaran through the beautiful bays of Montenegro. There was a stop at an oyster farm, tasting the freshest oysters and homemade wine, swimming in the most beautiful places and having lunch at the best Montenegro fish restaurant ☺️
3 days passed like 1 second, filling our couple and their guests with unforgettable emotions for many years. On the 4th day it was the transfer to the airport. That moment we heard the cherished words "these were the best days of our lives" ♥️